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Chelsea FC are tenuously linked to another young, athletic player

The Blues have been looking to add depth and youth to the center of their midfield, and today they were linked to 20-year old Geoffrey Kondogbia

Jasper Juinen

Chelsea keep being linked to attackers, but most fans have been calling for the team to add depth to both the center of the defense and the midfield as opposed to continuing to focus on players to put the ball in the net. Those fans should be pleased today then, as the latest player linked to the Blues would provide additional depth in both areas:

The French midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia, who has just finished his first season at Seville, is a key Chelsea target as they seek to sign a defensive midfielder as part of their squad strengthening over the summer.

They don't actually provide a quote, or any sort of evidence that the club are actually interested in Kondogbia. I do recall quite a few reports of Chelsea scouts at Sevilla games this season though, despite there being little beyond speculation to suggest exactly who those scouts were focusing on.

Kondogbia would have made some sense as one of the players Chelsea was scouting, as the young Frenchman fits Chelsea's recent transfer policy nearly perfectly. He's young, has elite potential, is somewhat versatile, and should be attainable. He's also yet to have his breakout at the top level of European competition, likely making him a bit cheaper than a more proven player with that potential would be. He'd bring an interesting dimension to the squad, as he's an aggressive player and a better athlete than either of Chelsea's current holding options.

I really like Kondogbia as a player, and now that there's a tenuous link to him, I suppose we'll put together some sort of profile of what he'd bring to the table for Chelsea. Until then, use this thread to discuss the newest player linked to the Blues.

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