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The Cavani saga is getting odd

Giuseppe Bellini

I know everyone's dying to get the latest on Napoli striker Edinson Cavani. If you're interested in what the rumour mill has to say, apparently Chelsea have upped their bid to €52 million and Napoli rejected it. Yesterday, Tancredi Palmeri claimed that the club had informed Napoli that they'd refuse to go any higher:

This is all well and good but for the fact that it's an absolutely absurd way to negotiate when Napoli a) don't want to sell Cavani and b) have set a fixed price at which they can no longer resist selling Cavani. If we're to believe the rumours, the following conversation has been taking place over the last few months...

Chelsea: Hello, fellow footballing team! We wish to buy Edinson Cavani.

Napoli: We do not wish to sell Cavani, but if you pay his buyout fee we are obligated to release him from his contract.

Chelsea: Great! How about €30 million plus Fernando Torres?

Napoli: You must pay the buyout fee in cash, no player exchanges. €57 million.

Chelsea: How does €40 million sound?

Napoli: You're not getting this, are you?

Chelsea: €50 million?

Napoli: That is still lower than his buyout.

Chelsea: €52 million! Our final offer!

Napoli: No. You must pay the buyout clause if you want Cavani. We would prefer you didn't, to be honest.

Chelsea: We're not raising the bid.

Napoli: Ok. Bye.

Does this seem likely to anyone else? It's been clear from the beginning that attempting to sign Cavani for much (read: anything) below Napoli's asking price is fairly insane. They have no reason to sell unless they're forced to, which would make offers below the buyout clause entirely pointless. If we're actually making said offers, I'm pretty sure Michael Emenalo and company should be finding better things to do with their time, because this is just silly.

If Chelsea want Cavani, they'll have to activate the release clause. We've known that from the beginning. How is this complicated?

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