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Surprise, surprise -- the Mata talk is lies

Jose Mourinho thinking about ways to get rid of Juan Mata. Obviously
Jose Mourinho thinking about ways to get rid of Juan Mata. Obviously
Richard Heathcote

I can't really believe this is still news, or that people are talking to him about it, but here we go: Juan Mata has insisted he doesn't know anything about reports that Chelsea are looking to move him on, and he's very happy at the club regardless:

Nobody at Chelsea has told me that Mourinho wants me out. When I finished the season I was told that they were very happy with my performances and with the two years I've spent with the club. I have three years left on my contract. I'm very happy with Chelsea.

-Juan Mata. Source: Marca.

If nothing else, this is confirmation that Mata's still on the original contract he signed when he game over in August 2011 (give him a contract extension right now please). Other than that... well, what did you expect? There is literally no way that Jose Mourinho would have looked at Chelsea's best player and decided that he was surplus to requirements without already having met him, and all stories to the contrary look to have been motivated by the less-than-scrupulous Spanish press.

So, now we have another set of direct quotes from Mata, we don't have to worry about this sort of talk being repeated again. Right? Sigh.

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