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Report: Chelsea have bid €50 million for Edinson Cavani

It's Tancredi-time!

Paolo Bruno

We've been busy this morning with news of the Andre Schurrle signing as well as some quotes from midfielder Marco van Ginkel. It was only a matter of time until we heard something about our pursuit of a center forward then, as no day's transfer talk is complete without mentioning a replacement for Fernando Torres.

Luckily for us, Bizarro Tim Palmer is always wanting to give us updates on what Chelsea may or may not be doing. What's he have for us today? Here you go:

Well OK then. If this is true, I'd expect to hear it's been refused in a matter of several hours. I'd also not be all that surprised if it's just nonsense, but what fun would that end up being.

On top of Tancredi's news, there were reports this morning that Cavani was in discussions with several other clubs about a potential move away from Napoli. That report said there was nothing concrete of yet from Chelsea, which would have obviously changed if they indeed lodged a bid.

Since the Andre Schurrle saga is finally over, I guess it was time to move on to yet another story with never ending twists and turns. Expect this one to be resolved sometime in 2017.

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