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Spanish press reports Barcelona want Fernando Torres. If only it were true.

Have fun with this one, because it's almost certainly a bunch of crap

Scott Heavey

Want a laugh tonight? Here you go:

If Barcelona were truly interested in signing Fernando Torres, I highly doubt it would take 20 million in order to "pry" him away from Chelsea. Was he better over the past several months than he was for the bulk of his Chelsea career? Without a doubt. Was he anywhere close to good enough to justify his ridiculous hit against FFP? Absolutely not, and it isn't remotely close.

Frankly, at this point I'd be thrilled with any deal which saw Chelsea unload the three years worth of wages still owed to Fernando Torres, even if it took nothing in the way of a transfer fee to do so. Other clubs have a reasonable idea of this value as well, which is why this rumor is absolutely ridiculous. Barcelona have a pretty poor record in the transfer market of late, but there is no way they'd make a move this silly.

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