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Will Mourinho start a power struggle at Chelsea? No way Jose.

The Special One spoke about the decision making process at Chelsea, and it sounds like things are going well at the moment

Richard Heathcote

One of the big talking points since Jose Mourinho took over at Stamford Bridge has been who will be making the decisions relating to personnel coming and going from the club. Will it be Roman Abramovich? Jose Mourinho? Michael Emenalo? Someone else entirely?

The Special One himself shed some light on the subject yesterday, speaking a bit about the decision making process at the club:

"The conditions are just natural ones. It’s nothing from the other world. There are decisions that belong to the manager in every club."

"I don’t believe in any club in the world somebody tells the manager you have to train at 9am and not 10am, or that somebody says training has to be two hours and not one hour 50 mins, or you have to play that guy instead of the other one. That’s never happened in my career. I always get respectful owners and presidents."

"When it comes to selling and buying, I’ve never decided by myself. They are decisions that belong to everybody. But there’s a financial situation and I’m not responsible for that."

"When you buy and sell, you have a group of people who must work together and I’ve done that at every club with different structures."

So it doesn't sound like there's going to be a big change in the way things are done at Chelsea, does it? Michael Emenalo has been doing an excellent job of identifying and signing top young talent, and it looks as if that is likely to continue into the near future. Jose Mourinho will almost certainly have more input than that guy holding down the fort before him, but that's only natural given the length of the contract he just signed.

Roman Abramovich is the real wild card here, as there's never really any telling what exactly he's going to do. With that said, at some point you'd have to think he'd learn after making repeated big money buys that just didn't pan out. He's got a solid team running his club at the moment, and they are some of the best judges of talent on the planet. At the moment, it sounds like they're all getting along as well.

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