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Hey look more Jose Mourinho rumours

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Despite the nonsense about Manchester United was going down over the past few days, there was never any real sense that Jose Mourinho would seize upon the job vacancy at Old Trafford rather than making his way back to Chelsea. David Moyes was the man and as best anyone can tell, Mourinho wasn't considered as a serious possibility.

Which is odd, because Mourinho's one of the top managers in the world and David Moyes is... not. No matter how much one might admire the twin virtues of Scottishness and stability, it's difficult to come up with an equation that has Moyes over Mourinho. So what gives?

Translation: Mourinho signed for Chelsea on Monday. Well well well. I don't know how much to trust this story -- and I'm going with 'not much' at the moment -- but if true would rather explain why talks have 'stalled'. There's still the tricky issue of his supposed release clause with Real Madrid, but it doesn't sound like there's anything insurmountable here.

This summer will be fun.

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