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Jose Mourinho continues to push for a Real Madrid exit

The Stamford Bridge fan favorite did his best to assure Real Madrid fans are fine with him leaving when speaking to the press this morning

Jasper Juinen

Jose Mourinho seems to want to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season, and most believe that he'd like to return to Chelsea. Mou's never been one to stay out of the spotlight though, and seemed to be trying to make himself easier to sack with his comments earlier today.

So what type of comments could he make that would do that? How about starting by making himself less popular with Real fans by criticizing a club legend:

That should do nicely, shouldn't it? Next up, why don't we make sure that everyone understands that he's not going to put up a big fuss about money if he's sacked:

So a large settlement doesn't seem to be an issue here either. How does Mou feel about the situation with Real?

And how about finishing by taking a shot at Barcelona?

Iniesta quote aside (that one is just fun), Mourinho seems to be doing everything he can in public to alienate himself to the entire Real Madrid fanbase (as well as most of Spain). That wouldn't seem to be a very good idea if he had any intention of working in Spain again next season, and should just help to get fans at Stamford Bridge singing for his return. As a Chelsea fan, I approve.

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