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A quick Schürrle update

Shaun Botterill

I'm not sure if this is new news, but since there's a Twitter rumour going around that Andre Schürrle has signed a pre-contract with Chelsea, I suppose we should address it. The supposed confirmation comes from Bayer Leverkusen chairman Wolfgang Holzhäuser:

André Schürrle hat bei Chelsea wohl eine vertragliche Vereinbarung unterschrieben.

-Source: Kicker.

When you actually translate that, though, the picture becomes far more muddled. First of all, it turns out that there's a 'probably' in there*. Remember that Leverkusen have given permission for Schürrle to talk to Chelsea; the negotations between the player and the club are, therefore, no longer their business. Secondly, he then repeats the old refrain that the two clubs are yet to come to a specific agreement.


So, before this, we were pretty sure that Schürrle had agreed to a deal with Chelsea and that the clubs were trying to hammer out a transfer, and now... we're pretty sure that Schürrle has agreed to a deal with Chelsea and that the clubs are trying to hammer out a transfer.


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