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The Robert Lewandowski to Chelsea rumors make sense, but I'm not getting excited just yet

The media is reporting today that Borussia Dortmund would prefer to see Robert Lewandowski sold to Chelsea, and the rumor makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, making sense appears to be the extent of this one.

Lars Baron

There are plenty of outlets reporting that Borussia Dortmund would love to see Chelsea end up as the eventual destination for Robert Lewandowski, citing the fact that the London club are not Bundesliga rivals and Kevin De Bruyne as reasons for this. Unlike many rumors of convenience, this one actually makes a bit of sense for both clubs and all of the players involved.

Lewandowski is entering the final year of his deal with Dortmund, and doesn't appear likely to renew his contract. He's likely going to be sold this summer, and it's probably a safe conclusion that the last place the club would like to see him end up is with their largest Bundesliga rivals, Bayern Munich.

I'm sure they'd also love to replace Mario Gotze with Kevin De Bruyne, though they'd almost certainly prefer to do so on a permanent basis. I don't really see any motivation for Chelsea to do this, however, as De Bruyne is under contract for 4 more seasons and has the look of someone that could become a truly elite player.

Jose Mourinho adds yet another twist to this rumor, as he's reported to be a big fan of the Polish goalscorer. After the display Lewandowski had in the first leg against Real Madrid, it's not overly difficult to understand why people are jumping to that conclusion. With the assumption from most of the media being that Jose is coming home this summer, it would be logical to think he'd be looking to add a few players to the current Chelsea squad.

Lewandowski would certainly fit at Chelsea, and Tim touched on a few of the reasons why he'd love to see the move last week. I'd have to say I'd also fully support a move for the Polish striker, especially if it doesn't involve a permanent move of one of our best young players.

All that said, at this point there probably isn't anything to be overly excited about in this regard. These media outlets reporting Borussia Dortmund's "preference" to sell to us aren't citing any sort of reliable source, and we haven't heard a single quote from anyone connecting us to Lewandowski. We've heard of Kevin De Bruyne's interest in Dortmund (which by all accounts in mutual), but until just now that interest hadn't been linked with another move. Today's "news" would make loads of sense for all parties involved, but unfortunately that's probably the extent of it at the moment. Here's hoping that changes, but for now, I'm not too worked up over this one.

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