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Reports on Bernard test Bild's credibility

Mike Hewitt

Do you know who Bernard is? Most people don't, but the 20-year-old is one of the most exciting players in South America, and he's already being linked to a move to Europe. Chelsea have been mooted as a possible destination, and Atletico Mineiro President Alexandre Kalil has confirmed that an 'English club' are closest to signing the youngster:

I have talked directly with the president of an English club, which are the club who are closest to signing him. Some time ago a German club came here and talked with me but we didn't talk about a value. Then, they left.

Source: Sky Sports.

Now comes the time to shoot down the rumour: I don't think Bernard makes a whole lot of sense for Chelsea at the moment -- he's great, but we're kind of stocked on left-sided attacking players, especially if Andre Schurrle comes to the club, and we have a guy in Eden Hazard who's literally better at everything than Bernard is -- and the English club mentioned is probably Tottenham Hotspur. But this is interesting beyond the supposed Chelsea link. Why?

Earlier this week, Bild linked Bernard heavily with Borussia Dortmund, claiming that he was close to signing with the Champions League runners-up for €12 million. From Kalil's quotes, we know that the deal is nowhere near as close as was reported, which rather throws into the question the credibility of Bild's reports on Kevin de Bruyne and his five-year deal.

Papers jump the gun on things all the time, and it's not something to be outraged by -- but it's an important reminder that Chelsea fans have been flipping out over something that we have no reason to believe is true. Grains of salt, people.

Then again, if BVB did sign Bernard, they'd have less use for de Bruyne and the rumour that they were buying him off us would make even less sense. Win-win, I guess?

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