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Chelsea linked to Antonio Valencia and Hector Moreno, along with some familiar faces

Apparently, Jose Mourinho has drawn up a very, very long shopping list that includes just about everyone that has ever worn a football kit

Denis Doyle

Fox Sports' Christian Martin had a few tidbits today, linking Chelsea to several players we have heard about as well as two new ones that we haven't. According to Martin:

In English please?





We've been linked to Sami Khedira and Luka Modric in the past, and I'm sure Mourinho would love to have both at Chelsea next season. I'd rate the chances of acquiring either as highly unlikely though, as Real aren't exactly a "selling club".

Antonio Valencia is a new one, and he's certainly a player with a skillset that Chelsea just don't have. He's at a direct rival though, and a direct rival that has very little depth on the wings at the moment. Like Khedira and Modric, I'd call this one very unlikely.

Hector Moreno is an interesting name though, as I've heard him linked to Chelsea in the past. He's a slid player languishing at one of the smaller clubs in Spain, and could certainly be the sort of bargain purchase that we've seen English teams making from that sort of club in the past couple of years. He's certainly worth paying attention to, and I'd imagine we'll see him profiled here in the near future.

As for the group of youth that Martin mentioned, I'm not sure exactly how much influence Mourinho will have as to where they end up next season. It's not unreasonable to expect that entire group to be here in the fall though, possibly being available for some group stage games or for the Capital One Cup. Again, we'll wait and see, but it's certainly worth at least noting. Maybe those of you in Southeast Asia or the United States will get an up close and personal look at those kids this summer.

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