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David Luiz aware of Barcelona interest, doesn't deny rumours

Michael Regan

I'm not sure where the 'Jose Mourinho doesn't want David Luiz' story comes from, but it's not making me happy, and it's leading to the centre back being asked some very awkward questions. He's been linked to Barcelona almost constantly since his arrival at Stamford Bridge, and the news that Carles Puyol is considering retiring if his current knee issue lingers is kicking the rumours into overdrive.

When asked about it, David Luiz didn't really calm said rumours down. The Metro has quotes -- although they're probably translated from Portuguese and might not be entirely accurate:

My objective is to be happy and this is possible by playing in a team that controls the ball. Barcelona is the team that plays the best football in the last few years.

I know Barca are interested in my services, but I do not have any news.

Which uh... yeah, thanks for that, David. Regardless of whether David Luiz could be tempted to move to Camp Nou, the fact of the matter is that Chelsea have all the leverage. The defender signed a new long-term deal eight months ago, which means that he has basically no leverage to force a move even if he does want out (which I doubt). And Chelsea have no reason to sell a player who'd immediately become the best centre back on the market and leave a gaping hole in the middle of the pitch.

It's going to be difficult enough shoring up the defence without ditching one of its cornerstones, so this just seems like a terrible idea all around. Apart from for Barcelona, but screw Barcelona.

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