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Chelsea talking to Roma over Daniele de Rossi

Claudio Villa

Another day, another set of rumours out of Italy. The amusing-though-slightly-tiring Tancredi Palmeri is claiming that Chelsea have officially contacted Roma over the availability of 30-year-old midfielder Daniele de Rossi, whom you've probably seen with the Italy national team:

I have to admit, the idea's a little bit tempting. Chelsea don't have anyone of de Rossi's ilk -- a blend of aggression and intelligence to dominate the centre of the pitch* -- on the squad, and couple with his versatility that would make him a useful player to have around. But he's old, expensive and I'm really not sure about his discipline holding. While I could see Chelsea being interested in talking to Roma about this, it'd be pretty shocking if they went all the way up to €15 million given the wages de Rossi's likely to command.

*Nathaniel Chalobah reminds me a little of him, actually.

Should de Rossi be first choice for Chelsea this summer? Absolutely not. But as plan c's go, it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to go after him should a longer-term solution in midfield fail to materialise. If that happens, I'd see de Rossi as an emergency purchase rather than a team-building one, but... at least he's a viable option.

Please don't pay €20 million for him, though, guys. Or anything close.

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