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The reported Fernando Torres for Edinson Cavani swap rumor probably isn't worth thinking about

Sky are reporting that Chelsea made a player exchange offer involving Fernando Torres and Edinson Cavani, and if true, Chelsea probably heard laughter as soon as the offer was made

Ezra Shaw

According to Sky Sports, Chelsea have made an offer for Napoli's Edinson Cavani that would include an exchange with misfit Fernando Torres:

Regardles of whether or not this has any merit*, it's probably not even worth a second look. Cavani has a buyout of €60 million, which is about £51.5 million in today's economy. Napoli are widely believed to be unwilling to sell for anything less than the full buyout, so you'd have to assume they'd require the same sort of value in player-exchanges.

*And I highly doubt that it does

Assuming Chelsea are offering just €30 million plus a player for Cavani means that they're hoping Napoli values Fernando Torres in the region of €30 million, and that would be borderline insane. Actually, you can just pull the word "borderline" out of that sentence, as it's just stupid to think that Torres has a current value anywhere close to €30 million.

Even if he wasn't on a fairly ridiculous wage, he'd probably be lucky to be worth about half of that figure with his performances over the past 3 seasons. He does have a ridiculous wage that he's unlikely to take much of a cut from, further reducing his value from even that optimistic total.

I'm sure Chelsea would love to unload Fernando Torres' paycheck and replace him with an actual, world-class striker if they're given the opportunity. They may even find the opportunity to do so with Napoli, but it won't be in a deal that knocks €30 million off the price tag of Napoli's best player. When two and two are adding up to seven, it's time to throw away the calculator.

Update: It appears that I'm not the only one who thinks that this is an insane offer:

I'd rather have the gift card

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