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Report: Chelsea, Bayer Leverkusen agree Andre Schurrle fee

According to Wolfgang Holzhauser, the two sides have a deal if Kevin De Bruyne heads the other way on loan

Joel Auerbach

Wolfgang Holzhauser is a pretty obnoxious man for clubs to deal with, as he likes to do much of his negotiating by leaking information to the media. He's at it again today, and had the following to say about the ongoing negotiations between Chelsea and Bayer over forward Andre Schurrle:

"We have reached an agreement with Chelsea."

"They are going to buy Andre Schurrle for a specific fee and, in return, they will loan De Bruyne to us for a year for free. I expect Chelsea to stand by what has been agreed."

Judging by those remarks, it sounds as if the clubs are just waiting on De Bruyne to agree to join the German side, and that Bayer are becoming a bit impatient while they wait on the young Belgian to make up his mind. Then again, I'm not entirely sure that I'd believe everything that comes out of Holzhauser's mouth, and I'd be tempted to believe this is more of a "what we would agree to" than "what we have agreed to"..

Regardless, the fact that this isn't done indicates to me that either De Bruyne doesn't want to go to Bayer, that Chelsea don't want to commit to a loan until they have their next manager in place, or both. I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks.

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