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Report: Mourinho signs

Scott Heavey

Forget MOUCON -- it's time for all-out Mouclear war. So says the Sun, anyway. Britain's most trustworthy newspaper claims that Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has officially signed with Chelsea on a four year, £40million contract. Now, it's kind of amusing that the Sun can officially confirm a Chelsea signing before Chelsea themselves do, unless they're the ones who are signing the Special One (which would be amazingly funny), but there's no reason not to trust that the deal will happen at some point, so we might as well take this one at face value.

Mourinho's signing, official or not, cannot be confirmed until the end of the Spanish season, which goes on until Saturday. For the more superstitious of you, that means you won't get to celebrate until next week, but this appointment is by now a certainty, even if the terms aren't. Expect the club to issue a confirmation in early June. Mourinho's coming home, y'all.

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