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On the Robert Lewandowski rumour

The only reason I'm writing about this is because I really, really, really want the Dortmund striker

Martin Rose

To go with all the wonderful speculation about Jose Mourinho's impending return to Chelsea is a bucketload of transfer rumours, some of which make absolutely no sense. Today, the Daily Mail is suggesting Mourinho is hunting after Robert Lewandowski, the target of many top clubs across Europe.

There's not much to the story - all we get is a reference to La Información, the supposed source of the story, and some vaguely plausible references to Maik Barthel, Lewandowski's agent. Really, there's no reason for us to report on this story - so much so, I can't be bothered linking to it - but I've decided to anyway because I get to write about Lewandowski and Lewandowski is awesome.

I'm not going to pretend I'm not heavily influenced by his recent four goal haul against Real Madrid - you'd have to be pretty stupid to pretend that hasn't greatly enhanced the reputation of the Polish poacher. Obviously, Lewandowski was pretty good before he single-handedly destroyed Real Madrid, but he's now firmly in the public spotlight, with Bayern and Manchester United throwing him admiring glances.

If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the latter to snap him up this summer. In all likelihood, Wayne Rooney is on the way out and Sir Alex Ferguson will be looking to upgrade his squad in search of further success. The problems in the midfield zone seem inconsequential, as last summer showed - instead, Ferguson seems desperate to stock his squad with goal-scoring dynamos.

A goal-scoring dynamo? That's exactly what Chelsea need, and it'd be lovely if the Manchester United manager could keep his grubby paws off another world-class striker. Lewandowski hasn't been linked around as much as some of the other names such as Edison Cavani and Falcao, but I'd take him over the others. Not only is he a fantastic scorer of goals, and a scorer of fantastic goals, but he has a remarkable variety to his game that allows his side to play a number of styles. He can drop deep to drag away defenders, drift wide to open up space and boasts the vision and technique to contribute in flowing attacking moves with his teammates. He's everything Fernando Torres wants to be, with the added bonus of not slicing shots out for throw-ins. With Chelsea's attacking prowess undergoing a major overhaul, having a player versatile enough to play all these different roles would be handy - leading the line when the likes of Juan Mata and Oscar are supplying creativity, and creating space with clever movement for the more direct [Andre Schurrle] and Victor Moses. It's a nice pipe dream.

So I'd like it very much to be true that Jose Mourinho is sending Lewandowski texts late at night, trying to woo the Dortmund striker into a new relationship in London. I'd like that very much.

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