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Benitez, Napoli attempt to steal David Luiz

Alex Livesey

Chelsea are amusing themselves trying to acquire Napoli's best player, and turnabout is apparently fair play. But this... this demonstrates some rather outstanding temerity:

It's fair to say that I'm not Rafa Benitez's biggest fan, but my dislike of the man now would fade into insignificance if he somehow managed to pry David Luiz away from Stamford Bridge. Happily, it's not going to happen, but it's still exceptionally cheeky that he'd even have the gall to ask.

That Benitez is a big fan of David Luiz is a mark in his favour, but trying to take him away from us? I'm not having that at all. Barcelona can't have him. Napoli can't have him. David Luiz is ours, and nobody else gets him.

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