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Rafa Benitez finally goes away

Mike Hewitt

During the first two months of Rafa Benitez's tenure at Chelsea, things were so bad that it looked as though the interim manager could have been sacked at any moment. With customary diligence, Steve pre-wrote a 'Rafa sacked' piece, and as a result it's been sitting atop my editorial dashboard since January, promising a brave new Chelsea dawn. Taunting me each and every time I logged into this website.

Now the day to say goodbye has finally come. According to basically every news source in Italy, Napoli have announced that they'll be signing Benitez to a two-year contract. We've been told by the media that we should be grateful to the departing manager for stabilising the ship and securing Champions League football, and to a certain degree that's true, but I don't feel anything but relief. These last few months, despite (or perhaps partially because of) the Europa League run, have been a misery.

It'll all be over soon. Thank goodness for that.

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