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Rafa Benitez supposedly wants to take Ramires with him to Napoli

Since managers are linked to former players all the time, I'd expect 99% of Chelsea's roster to be linked to wherever he ends up

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

So Rafa Benitez's days remaining as the Chelsea FC manager have probably reached single digits, meaning that Benitez will be unemployed again in just a matter of days. His finish to the season has probably ensured he won't remain unemployed for long though, as there are rumors that he's going to be taking over at Napoli next season.

Most managers taking over at new jobs are inevitably linked to some of their old players, and we can already see it happening with Benitez. Several Italian outlets are reporting that he's be interested in bringing Ramires with him to Naples:

It doesn't hurt to ask I guess, but I can't see any reason to get too worked up about this. Ramires is at a much bigger club than Napoli at the moment, and is nowhere near the expiration of his contract. He's in his prime, and he plays regularly for Chelsea. He's also certainly on a wage that is already higher than he'd get in the Serie A side (while still being extremely affordable for Chelsea).

The only reason that Chelsea would even consider the idea of selling Ramires is if the new manager doesn't have a use for him, and the Brazilian would seem to be an absolutely ideal fit in a Jose Mourinho system. I'd be pretty shocked if Ramires didn't feature even more heavily next season than he did in this one, as Mou has always loved using players who provided marking issues due to their athleticism.

Wherever Rafa ends up, I'd guess we'll see a whole host of Chelsea players linked to move there. I'd also guess that there are only a handful that might actually be available, and most of those would be guys that Chelsea fans won't miss all that much anyway. The media is going to do their thing anyway though (and that means we'll be linked to 99% of the Real Madrid roster), so be ready.

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