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Marco Materazzi talks about joining Mourinho at Chelsea

Mourinho is generally well loved by his former players, and one of them would love to join him as an assistant in London

Shaun Botterill

You might remember Marco Materazzi from the 2010 Champions League winning Inter side coached by Jose Mourinho. You might also remember Materazzi from an exchange he had with Rafa Benitez back in January of this year. If you had forgotten either of those things, Materazzi had some fresh words to endear himself to the West London faithful today, singing the praises of Jose Mourinho:

"Our victory in that Champions League Final was a surprise to some, but not to me. We reached it at the end of an extraordinary campaign and no obstacle seemed too high for us. It was almost normal for us to win the Champions League after Serie A and the Coppa Italia. After all, we had Mourinho..."

"Anyone who speaks ill of Mourinho just does it because of envy. I really liked his style of management, as he made us work a lot with the ball because he knows this sport is football. He always seeks success, as well as being an honest man. Honesty is one of the principle values in life, so why shouldn’t it be in sport?"

After talking about the special one, Materazzi was asked if he'd like to join Mourinho as an assistant at Chelsea. Materazzi had the following to say on the matter:

"I’d love to, it’d be a dream! In fact, you could call it an objective. I’d be working with the Number One, so what could be better?"

Anyone that eager to learn from the best would be more than welcome in my book, and while I don't know much about Materazzi as a person (I hear he's a liar though), if Mou decides he'll have him, then it's more than good enough for me. The fact that he's not a big Rafa fan earns him bonus points in my book, as the solid finish to this season wasn't enough to make me forget his comments about the fanbase or his absolutely dreadful beginning.

Fan of Materazzi or not, it's good to hear yet another person close to the Portuguese talking about the move to Chelsea as if it's merely a formality at this point. I won't fully believe this until the club confirms he's coming home, so that sort of reinforcement is very nice to hear.

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