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Blues linked to Mario Gomez

Lars Baron

The season is over, and transfer rumour time begins. We don't want to talk about every nonsense story (and most of them are, of course, nonsense), but some provide a nice jumping off point to talk about what Chelsea need this summer and how they might fulfill said needs. This is one of them:

You may recall Mario Gomez for choking so badly 366 days ago that Bayern Munich went out and bought Mario Mandzukic to replace him last year, which will never not be funny for me. You also may know him for the Mario Gomez button, which you press whenever he scores. Awful game against Chelsea notwithstanding, he does that a lot. And I mean a lot. But with Bayern fully capable of doing better up top than a Mandzukic-Gomez duo and some suspicions that he melts down under pressure*, he's probably undervalued compared to his raw production.

*Uli Hoeness was really, really unimpressed with him this time last year. it was hilarious.

And that's exactly where Chelsea should be looking if they want to reinforce their centre forward complement while avoid breaking the bank. Could the likes of Mario Gomez (or, for example, the also-undervalued Edin Dzeko) help the team? Absolutely. Would they help as much as an Edinson Cavani or a Radamel Falcao? Nope, but they'd also be a lot cheaper.

Going after someone like Gomez is a smart move in case the finances aren't there to make a huge buy or something falls through. There are impediments in this particular case -- Gomez's current deal lasts until 2016 and Bayern would have to find a replacement before letting him go -- but the general idea is good.

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