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Lazar Markovic (apparently) claims he's leaving Partizan

It's not just Andre Shurrle who's talking about moving on today. Chelsea have long been linked to Serbian wonderchild Lazar Markovic -- there are indications that he's already signed with the club, although I'm not sure how much I trust those rumours -- and after Partizan Belgrade beat Red Star the youngster apparently confirmed that he'd be moving on.

I can't find the original report, so let's go with a Serbian forum (i.e. grain of salt ahoy).

There's no guarantee that he'll end up at Chelsea, of course, but it would make a great deal of sense if he does. The Blues are big fans and we've been linked to him for a while. Chelsea supports should be excited about that. At 19, he was the best player on the pitch in a ferocious local derby that virtually decided the title in Partizan's favourite, and given a couple seasons on loan he could easily end up being a major star.

Plus his name is Lazar. I can always get behind buying people named Lazar.

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