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Schürrle admits Leverkusen departure likely

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Joern Pollex

Bayer Leverkusen beat Slobodan Rajkovic and HSV Hamburg 1-0 today in the final match of their season. Andre Schürrle went ninety minutes in the win, coming off for Manuel Friedrich in injury time. After the match, he admitted that the game was very likely to be his last with Bayer.

Although some are taking this as confirmation that a transfer is done, it isn't. A move is highly likely for Schürrle, and Chelsea are the overwhelming favourites to land him, but while we should expect this to happen don't believe it until he's signed, sealed and delivered. (Or confirms it himself like Eden Hazard.)

Schürrle would slot in as a competent option at striker and attacking midfield, and assuming he's not valued too highly he'd be a very good pickup. Hopefully Chelsea can get it wrapped up soon, but that probably depends on what happens with Kevin de Bruyne and the new manager.