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Hey look it's another Jose Mourinho update

Lars Baron

With Manchester United now out of the picture as far as possible Jose Mourinho destinations go, it feels almost inevitable that the Special One will return to his old stamping grounds in London -- if he leaves Real Madrid. Although most observers are pretty sure that it'll happen this summer, Mourinho's contract does run through 2016, and it's certainly not going to be a clean break considering the money involved. Mourinho's even talked about (read: threatened) to stay.

So some evidence that Madrid are expecting Mourinho to depart would be nice. Happily, that's been provided for us, via Paris Saint-Germain and Carlo Ancelotti. See how helpful that man is? Be helpful and cuddly, and you can go a long way in football.

A few days ago, the general manager of Real Madrid contacted me to talk to [Ancelotti].


Very quickly, I told them: 'If you want to have Carlo, you need to know that he has a year left on his contract, so please respect the contract.


He apologised and told me he had thought Ancelotti's contract was expiring but I told him that was wrong and that Carlo has another year with us. He told me they would take that into account.

-PSG president Nasser al-Khelaifi. Source: Sky Sports.

If Madrid are looking for a new manager, they're already resigned to Mourinho leaving, one way or another. If Mourinho is leaving, he's almost certainly coming to Chelsea. I'm not really buying Ancelotti's contract as a major holdup -- if Real didn't already know he had another year they wouldn't even have bothered calling up PSG (see David Moyes and Manchester United). But regardless of whether they end up with Ancelotti or not, it's clear they're on the hunt for a new manager.

Good news for us.

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