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Chelsea FC are again linked to Lazar Markovic

Inter Milan reportedly tried to move for the young Serbian, but reports claim that he's still heading to Chelsea this summer

Srdjan Stevanovic

We've been seeing Chelsea FC linked to Lazar Markovic for months, with many outlets going so far as to claim that a deal between the two clubs and the player is already done. That seems a bit premature, but it certainly seems like there is quite a bit to the Markovic to Chelsea rumor despite some outlets going overboard.

News out of Italy today would suggest that this is the case, as Tancredi Palmeri (the Italian Tim Palmer) is reporting that Inter Milan tried to make a move for the player but came away feeling that he's on his way to Chelsea:

As with the previous news about Markovic, this is far from official. That said, I'd be pretty surprised at this point if a summer move did not develop, with Markovic likely heading out on loan. As always, this is just one more bit of news to keep an eye on.

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