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Jose Mourinho drops more hints

This is like consulting the Sibylline books or Eden Hazard's agent or something.

'I want to be where uh... people love me to be...'

'We'll take that as England! I've gotta go!'

Well well well. Real Madrid are out of the Champions League after a 4-3 aggregate loss to Borussia Dortmund, and amidst the wreckage of their European campaign ITV decided to interview Jose Mourinho about how he was feeling. And right before they cut to commercials, they decided to ask about his future. Of course, that didn't stop them from cutting to commercials when he started opening up (and the cynical part of me says that the Special One knew that and trying to upstage Eden Hazard last year), but he said enough to put football fans worldwide on high alert.

There have been hints for the better part of the season that Mourinho would be Chelsea's next manager, and we were already on MOUCON 0 before this little revelation. It's increasingly hard to see a future where he doesn't up at Stamford Bridge next season, and considering our current manager is Rafa Benitez it's really difficult to see a downside. We're ready, Jose. Come on home.

* * *


You certainly are.

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