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Chelsea, Leverkusen 'a long way apart', according to Rudi Voller

Rudi Voller just can't stop talking about his negotiations in public, and because of that, we have new quotes

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Andre Schurrle has been linked to Chelsea quite a bit over the past 2 seasons, and recent reports out of Germany suggested that Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen were close to an agreement to complete the move. Some quotes from Rudi Voller today would seem to indicate that it's not quite sealed yet, Via Sky Sports:

"Last year, we had an enquiry, but it came very late. This time, it is still relatively early, which is good."

"Andre is, alongside Mario Gotze, one of the best young players in Germany and if he leaves us, we will want cover for him. We want clarity as soon as possible."

"We are still quite a long way apart in terms of certain details. There are always two options: either Andre stays here or he leaves."

Leverkusen are one of those infuriating clubs that insist on doing the majority of their negotiation through the media. With that in mind, it's a bit more difficult to interpret exactly where we are in this process because of the random nature of the thing Voller decides to say.

If you put a gun to my head (or put my arm in Luis Suarez's mouth), I'd have to guess this is Voller's way of holding out for a few minor concessions before a move is completed. I'd also think this might indicate that he's looking for alternatives beyond Kevin De Bruyne with which to replace Schurrle, making me think that either Chelsea may be valuing him highly, or that De Bruyne himself might be pushing for a different move*.

*With Mario Gotze agreeing to a move to Bayern Munich and Dortmund showing interest in the past, this would seem to be very plausible.

Whatever the case, we know that Chelsea have interest in Schurrle, and from past quotes we know that the player has interest in joining Chelsea. I'd still expect to hear confirmation that a move has been agreed soon, especially with the number of summer deals that are coming to light already this spring. Concluding this one way or the other will be a relief though, as Rudi Voller just drives me nuts.

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