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Jose Mourinho appears to let destination slip - O Jogo


Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

This isn't official or anything close. It might not even be true. But O Jogo's report that Jose Mourinho has confirmed a return to Chelsea is interesting enough that we're going to have to raise our MOUCON level. Yup, we're now at MOUCON 1, awaiting the imminent return of the Special One.

Rumours have been flying around today that Mourinho will not in fact be returning to Real Madrid to see out his contract, but those aren't really that exciting -- we've heard variations on that sort of theme for months now. We've been dealing with little hints from the man, talking about where he might or might not go without anything concrete, and it's been really annoying dealing with him teasing us, but if O Jogo are correct then he's given us a rumour we can actually hang our hat on:

At one point, having already said that there will be Real Madrid coach next season the Portuguese pulled out a photograph of the Chelsea bus pass in a crowd during the celebration of one of the titles won by the blues. Given the amazement of the audience, Mou pointed to the picture and said: "Is this bus I will be next season."

-O Jogo (Google Translate).

The man pointed to a photo of a bus! How much more evidence does one possibly need? I mean, sure, we might want on-the-record quotes or something a little bit more substantial, but after being jerked about for this long with Mr. Interim and the Mourinho rumours I'm ready to embrace anything that seems like it might be news (and this is news, albeit not very trustworthy and unverifiable news)

MOUCON 1 everyone! Get ready.

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