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Chelsea in on Chilean u-20 international

Mark Thompson

Transfer season might be over, but speculation over Chelsea's next moves goes ever on. It's like people like thinking about what football might be like in the future more than they enjoy watching the actual game, which is totally understandable if you've been trying to watch Chelsea as of late. Anyway, transfer rumour time:

There was interest some time ago and this interest was reactivated a few weeks ago. The talks are advanced but not finalised yet. We are still discussing some points.

-O'Higgins' sporting director Cristian Abumohor. Source: Sky Sports.

Abumohor is talking about young Chilean Cristian Cuevas, whom I'm sure Steve will be along to tell you about sometime in the near future. Apparently, he was on trial at Chelsea and now the Blues are following up their interest. The sticking points, apparently, include the trifling matter of the fee, which we'll obviously try to keep as low as possible. This obviously wouldn't be a major purchase -- Cuevas is 17 -- but it's another step in the club's grand plan of trying to buy every single prospect on the planet so nobody else can play football at all.

As plans go, I've heard worse.

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