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Chelsea have made an offer for Heung-min Son, according to reports

Chelsea have been linked to the young HSV striker for several months now, but today we have quotes from an agent indicating that both they and Manchester united have made an offer for the player

Dreaming of Stamford Bridge...
Dreaming of Stamford Bridge...
Joern Pollex

The summer transfer window is still quite far in the future, but with Chelsea, it's never really too early to start hearing the club linked to moves to bolster their squad. Sky Sports had another interesting one today, with quotes from Thies Bliemeister, whom they are reporting is the agent of HSV player Heung-min Son:

"Inter Milan's emissaries saw a couple of his matches, but so far I have not had any contact with the Italian club's officials."

"A transfer in the next summer? He has signed a new contract with Hamburg SV extending it for one year, but there have been many offers for him as from Manchester United and Chelsea."

A move for Son would make sense from any number of points of view. The player is only 20, and fits into the club's current model of buying up international talent that is still years short of their prime. He's versatile, being perfectly capable of playing anywhere in the attack. He's probably best suited as a striker or a wing in the mold of Daniel Sturridge, which happens to be an are in which the club could use some depth.

It's kind of fun when Chelsea get linked to players that I've seen an awful lot of over the past several years, and playing for a club with the number of Chelsea connections that Hamburg have (Bruma, Mancienne, Sala, Tore, and Radjkovic over the past two years), I've actually seen a large enough amount of Son to fell comfortable saying he'd be a nice buy at a cheap price. I'll try to work something up on him for you when I can, hopefully i'll have it done by the end of the afternoon.

As mentioned earlier, the summer window is still an awfully long way away, and there really isn't enough here to make us believe a move is certainly happening. It would make enough sense that I'll now have more reason to pay attention to HSV games even if Jeffrey Bruma is not involved.

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