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No decision on Kevin De Bruyne expected before January

While the player's agent has met with the club, no decision has yet been reached as to where the player will spend the second half of the 2013/14 season

Jan Kruger

While the impending transfer window has most of us excited about potential additions to the Chelsea midfield, it's also got the media buzzing about players that could potentially be leaving. Kevin De Bruyne is the most popular name on this list of late, and Kristof Terreur had a comment from Mourinho on his situation:

Asked to clarify what exactly this comment meant, this is what Terreur had to say:

I think this makes a lot of sense for all parties involved, as De Bruyne would need to be replaced in the first team if allowed to leave the club in January. It makes far more sense for the Blues to hold off on making a decision, at least until they have a better idea on the state of their roster going forward.

Ideally, the Blues will manage to add the players they are after while keeping a happy De Bruyne in the fold. I doubt they'd have trouble finding him a loan destination later in the window though, so if they can't balance the roster without moving him they should be able to wait for their hands to be forced. Just don't make a rash decision and sell the player's rights in January, ok?

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