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Kevin De Bruyne's agent met with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday, according to reports

There's been talk about sending Kevin De Bruyne on loan, and potential suitors are reportedly meeting with his agent

Joern Pollex

There has been quite a bit going on this morning now that the holiday shopping season has officially kicked off, with Jose Mourinho addressing both potentially incoming players as well as some of our youngsters out on loan. We've also got word about a young player currently with the Blues today, with some news about Kevin De Bruyne:

De Bruyne hasn't played a whole lot, and would probably want to assure he sees as much time on the pitch as possible in a World Cup year. In that sense, a loan away from Chelsea for the spring would make some sense. Any loan of De bruyne would also certainly mean that Juan Mata will be going nowhere, as dropping one of our attack-minded midfielders would leave us with considerably less depth for what should be a busy spring.

It's worth noting that this news doesn't indicate anything about Chelsea's willingness to let the player leave, it's simply reinforcing the idea that clubs are interested in him should Chelsea allow it. Terreur also notes that most clubs would be more interested in a purchase than a loan, but I think it goes without saying that the Blues (who hold all the cards in this scenario) would certainly prefer the opposite.

Mourinho has also been speaking about rotation of late, so it will be interesting to see how De Bruyne is used during the coming weeks. The manager can probably end this talk before it ever becomes a thing by simply getting him into games on a semi-regular basis.

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