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Lewandowski expresses Premier League interest, backs away from Bayern talk

If you think I'm not using this picture every time I get the chance, you're wrong
If you think I'm not using this picture every time I get the chance, you're wrong
Friedemann Vogel

Thanks to a rather glaring lack of league goals from Chelsea's centre forwards this season (at least, the ones who aren't on loan at Everton), the striker situation at Stamford Bridge is once again a major question. Earlier in the international break, the Blues were linked with Galatasaray man Burak Yilmaz, but now an even tastier target has popped up. It's not an unfamiliar one, either:

I will be able to sign a contract (with any club) in January, but I have never said that I will sign a contract with Bayern.

It was a misunderstanding. It is true I had an opportunity to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson (last year), but we didn't mention the transfer.

One day I would like to play in Premier League. It would be a great experience.

-Robert Lewandowski. Source: Telegraph.

Robert Lewandowski's always seemed destined to end up at the Allianz Arena, but the above quotes give plenty of pause for thought. Now in the last year of his contract, the current Borussia Dortmund man could command frankly silly wages on the open market because he won't come with a transfer fee, and it would be very wise for him to see what other clubs are offering before he commits to a future in the Bundesliga.

I don't think a January move would be completely out of the question either, depending on BVB's Champions League and domestic form. Chelsea aren't mentioned in the above, but they're one of the few Premier League teams who could afford Lewandowski, so will certainly be on his radar.

I still think we could solve our centre forward problems by bringing Romelu Lukaku back home for good at the end of the season, but we should definitely be pursuing the likes of Lewandowski if they're truly available.

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