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Get ready for some Marouane Fellani rumors!

Chelsea need a midfielder, they've been linked to Marouane Fellaini forever, and it's deadline day! Hooray!

Mike Hewitt

Chelsea need a midfielder, and generally have loads of money. Everton (usually) need loads of money, and happen to have a very good midfielder at their club. It seems a natural fit, no? We've been linked to Marouane Fellaini several times this window already, and with just hours to go until the transfer deadline and Chelsea struggling on the pitch, it only makes sense that we'd see those rumors start up again soon.

This morning there were reports on Sky Sports that we may have put in a bid for Fellaini, but those were quickly shot down by other outlets. The Fellaini watch continues though, and we have some breaking news for you from our SB Nation Everton counterparts!

In all seriousness, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Marouane Fellaini eventually ends up in a better looking blue kit than the one he's wearing now, but for the moment there seems to be loads of speculation out there without too much in the way of substance. With the Fer deal falling through, I see very little reason that Everton would sell one of their best players when they are currently just outside of the Champions League places. Everton fans are certainly right to be worried, but I'd really be surprised to see anything happen in that regard today.

I'd love to see Fellaini added to the fold, but I'm very leery of putting too much into the rumors we are hearing until we see something a little more substantial. I highly doubt this will stop the English media though, as people are going to eat this stuff up.

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