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Chelsea reportedly drop interest in Aspas -- but why?

Get your tinfoil hats out everyone!

Denis Doyle

Chelsea FC were just linked to a purchase of a very expensive center forward, so naturally we have to see a link to a much cheaper option get blown up. Unfortunately for Iago Aspas, that mushroom cloud would seemingly come from any chance he had at joining the reigning European champions. According to the Daily Mail:

Chelsea, previously linked with Aspas, have dropped their interest.

Well then, I guess this means Falcao is coming to Chelsea. It's confirmed! Hooray*!

*Or boo, if you happen to have a Fernando Torres shirt

In all seriousness, Aspas would have been a nice buy for a cheap bench piece. He's massively under-rated because he plays for a terrible team, and there just isn't much he doesn't do well. He's not Falcao, bt he's better than the current version of Fernando Torres. In that regard, I'd be a bit disappointed, as I think Aspas and Ba would have been a nice 1-2 punch for the remainder of this year while we waited until the summer to recall the Kraken.

I'd still be surprised if Aspas isn't somewhere in the Premier League before the window shuts at the end of January, as his buyout is very reasonable and he won't require a very large wage. I guess we'll just have to wait and see though...don't you just love silly season?

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