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Chelsea FC: News

Boehly signs purchase agreement in ‘most significant step’ to buy Chelsea — report

It’s happened!

Two weeks ‘likely’ needed to finalize Chelsea sale in ‘anti-Glazer’-style takeover — reports

The final stretch

Boehly consortium set to sign ‘initial sale terms’ with Chelsea — report

It’s happening

Lord Coe calls on UK Government to facilitate ‘swift set of resolutions’ to Chelsea sale

Time’s a-tickin’!

Boehly consortium expected to finalize terms of Chelsea takeover by end of week — report

Here we go

Boehly ‘to assume day-to-day control’ of Chelsea, Clearlake also involved, Wyss less so — reports

A few details of the new ownership group

Further reports of Todd Boehly consortium ‘winning the race’ for Chelsea Football Club

Our new overlords

Pagliuca, Broughton out of Chelsea bidding; Boehly set to win; Ratcliffe makes late bid

It’s happening

Boehly bid believed best bid but Broughton, Pagliuca ‘not giving up hope’ — report

Coming down to the wire

Chelsea ‘confident’ of naming preferred bidder by Monday in potential £3.5-4b sale — reports


Tuchel reconfirms commitment, ready to lead Chelsea into the next era

Man for this moment

All three bidders to make ‘final pitch’ this week ahead of Chelsea decision — report

"Could" be by end of week!

Chelsea bidders must make minimum 10-year commitment to ownership — report

Not for quick profit

Chelsea bids: Boehly confident; Tanenbaum dreaming big; Hamilton, Williams bring star appeal

The wait goes on

Harris-Blitzer hold controlling stake of Broughton bid for Chelsea — report

Broughton bid details revealed

No indication yet of winning bid for Chelsea Football Club — reports

Process could drag on a bit longer

Ricketts consortium give up at last, do not submit final bid for Chelsea

C’est la vie

Winning bid for Chelsea could ‘emerge’ as early as Monday — report

Well, "preferred"

Chelsea director Eugene Tenenbaum also sanctioned by UK Government

It just continues

All four final Chelsea bids likely to be cash-only — reports

Debt free

John Terry’s True Blue Consortium hops aboard the Pagliuca train


Pagliuca reveals three area of focus ahead of ‘substantial’ final bid for Chelsea

He speaks!

Government ‘content to approve’ all four bids; Pagliuca adds funding; Granovskaia to be asked to stay? — reports

The latest in the bidding war

Boehly, Ricketts bids to offer Chelsea fans ‘golden share’ — report

Fan power

Boehly group add LA Dodgers principal owner Mark Walter to Chelsea bid

Now we here in the big leagues

Chelsea bidding deadline extended; Premier League approval sought for all four potential owners?

Only a few days ... for now

Laura Ricketts statement: ‘We strive to be champions both on and off the field’

PR battle

Todd Boehly spotted at Chelsea match as final week of bidding rolls on

Win or lose, up the Blues

Ken Griffin ‘expected’ to become the major shareholder of Chelsea if Ricketts bid succeeds — report

The money man

Project lead lays out Ricketts bid high level Stamford Bridge rebuild plans

Right words

Stadium issue key as bidding groups gear up for meeting Chelsea executives in final week — report

April 11 deadline

Ricketts Family bid publish 8-point plan for Chelsea in latest appeasement effort

Nothing revolutionary or binding, but also welcome