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David Luiz wins in life

Ramires on the counter vs Man United

On a day that Chelsea struggled to find the break through against a lackluster Manchester United, Ramires's physicality, speed and energy play a crucial role in setting up a counter-attacking goal.

Analyzing the two goals against Rubin Kazan

How Lampard and Ramires used their strengths to set up the goals for Torres and Moses.

A great goal we almost scored

It could have been great. It could have been REALLY great!

Three goals vs Bucharest analyzed

Goals from Mata, Terry and Torres (yes, really!) put Chelsea through. We break the buildups to the goals down and take a closer look. Pics, GIF and words!

Poor Chelsea Loses Poorly

It was very poor. Just very very poor. Very very very poor.

Scouting Man City

With the title seemly heading to Old Trafford, Man City and Chelsea prepares to fight for scraps. We take a look at City's tactical approach, their Plan B and weakness ahead of Sunday.

Chelsea beats Wigan with counter-attacks

Their attacking adventures on the left wings left Wigan exposed to lethal Chelsea counter-attacks down that side with Ramires and Azpilicueta running the show.

Scouting the Royals

A shoddy harp with only one string left, but we keep plugging it away; bowed but not broken. A tactical preview of Reading: how they play and who their main man is.

How Chelsea beat Arsenal

Chelsea dominated the game in the first half, passing quickly and moving purposefully. Arsenal improved drastically after the break, but the home side hung on to a narrow 2-1 win. Charts, screen caps and words. So many words.