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Premier League adopt stricter rules regarding associated party transfers — reports

Manchester City doth protest

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Manchester City v Dinamo Zagreb: Group C - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

The Premier League’s member clubs failed to approve new rules in November that would’ve instituted some control over “associated party transfers” (i.e. movement of players between clubs that are part of the same multi-club group), with seven clubs voting against and the proposed measure thus falling short of the required majority to pass (14 of 20).

But after a two-day meeting this week, two of the dissenters changed their minds, and these new measures, with some changes in their language, have now been reportedly approved.

It’s not exactly clear what these new rules are at the moment — presumably they will be published in due course — but they are said to involve some sort of processes that will guarantee that transfers and sponsorship deals among associated parties are actually done at “fair market value”. So players from associated clubs cannot arrive for cheap or get sold for inflated values, while teams cannot secure ridiculous self-sponsorships. At least in theory.

“Following a full review of the existing Associated Party Transactions Rules and Fair Market Value assessment protocols, clubs agreed to a series of amendments to further enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the system.”

-Premier League statement

Unsurprisingly, Manchester City are reportedly mulling over a legal challenge against these new rules already!

Chelsea are still fairly new to the multi-club party, we’ve barely dipped our toes in, so these rules should hardly have any effect on the way we do business.

BlueCo have acquired only one other club in the 18 months since taking over Chelsea, and all we’ve done with that is to send RC Strasbourg a couple players on loan (subject to FIFA loan limits), with Strasbourg also signing a player, apparently on our long-term radar, directly. And these new rules aren’t meant to stop any future multi-club transfers anyway, they are just to meant to ensure that these transfers are done fairly.

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