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Pochettino: ‘A process like this is always ups and down’

Trust the process

Chelsea FC v Nottingham Forest - Premier League Photo by Rob Newell - CameraSport via Getty Images

Mauricio Pochettino feels a bit hard done by Saturday’s defeat at home to Nottingham Forest.

Not only was it a result he feels we didn’t deserve, a result that our play didn’t really warrant and a result that certainly was not supported by any statistical measure outside of the scoreboard itself, but it has also changed the narrative and the vibes quite drastically — and to a surprising extent even by the standards of our modern, short attention span-driven, social media outrage-feeding, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, times. The mob was always fickle, as they say, but like the weather, it’s just getting more extreme by the season.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Chelsea won’t be either. It will take time. It will take patience. There will be setbacks. The materials have been delivered. But we still have to put them together.

And that’s if everything works out as well as we may hope.

There are no instructions to follow; no set method to always ensure a successful outcome. Not even cryptic IKEA hieroglyphics. Transfer spending alone isn’t a guarantee, certainly not immediately, certainly not with the profile of this team, the youngest in the Premier League — by some margin.

As Pochettino said after the game, we might need to buckle up.

“When you lose a game, the things that are negative appear [but] you know a process like this is always ups and down.

“We have a very young squad. We need to prove we can score and we can deal with the situation. Of course, we need to be more clinical in front of the goal and not make the same mistake like today when we concede the chance to Nottingham.”

-Mauricio Pochettino; source: Football.London

We might have hoped that it would be easy. That things would click immediately.

That hasn’t happened.

Chelsea FC v Nottingham Forest - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

So now we have to grind, and work, and stay the course. Results have to improve, obviously; Pochettino is fully cognizant of the impossible dichotomy of the situation and has acknowledged that from the start. We’re built to win in the future, but we have to win in order to survive the journey to get there in one piece.

Poch is pretty certain we’ll make it. (I mean, you would sure hope so; he’s the one at the wheel!) Even if it might take a bit.

“The process is the process. I cannot accelerate some processes but [we are still] disappointed with the game today and against West Ham where we deserved more.

“On our side it is about having time to work and improve the players and have the best platform. The process is like this and can be up and down. [But] for sure, being positive and working hard [is how] this team will get the results they deserve.”

-Mauricio Pochettino; source: Evening Standard

Positive vibes only!

Chelsea FC Training Session Photo by Harriet Lander - Chelsea FC/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

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