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Chelsea players determined to stay ‘positive’ after latest goalless defeat

Post-match words from Captain Conor

Chelsea FC v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

As the poor results keep piling on, there’s a very real danger of Chelsea going into a serious downward spiral. You might say we’re already in the process, but as we saw last season, things can always go from bad to worse yet if we let the negativity and apathy gain a foothold in the squad.

Conor Gallagher, who was one of the few to still care at the end of the previous campaign, witnessed that first-hand and is determined to avoid a repeat of it this season.

“It’s really disappointing to lose the game. We came into this one trying to win the game and given that we are struggling for points, we were desperate to win today. Obviously the red card doesn’t help but we can’t make any excuses. We’re just really disappointed and we’re determined to put it right for the next game.”

“[We] have to stay positive, we will continue to work hard in training to try and improve our fortunes. I know the gaffer will be working us hard in training to get us to improve. That’s something we know we need to do. We will stay positive and hopefully we can put it right with victory in the next game.”

-Conor Gallagher; source: Chelsea FC

Just as winning is a habit, so is losing, and we’ve been become rather well versed in the latter of late. Breaking this habit will require more than just positivity, but we certainly won’t snap out of it if we let the negativity take over.

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