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Chelsea unveil still sponsorless 2023-24 away kit


So Chelsea are saying that this shirt, the new 2023-24 away shirt, continues the ‘90s theme established by the home kit. And sure enough, the inspiration appears to be the patterned Commodore kits of the early ‘90s. (Meanwhile the home kits were directly inspired by the mid-to-late ‘90s, namely the Coors and Autoglass ones.)

But whenever I look at these (still sponsorless) away kits, all I see in TRON. And that’s the ‘80s, baby!

Cue the Daft Punk!

In any case, whatever the inspiration, the new away kits have now been officially released, and are available to buy immediately, in all their sponsorless glory. And you can buy either the “stadium” or the “vapor” version, even!

I’m guessing these will look a bit darker in person to provide an actually useful color-contrast to the home shirts (as opposed to blue and, like, darker blue). The two-tone sleeve and trim continues the design language from the home shirt, which I dig. Sad that these badges don’t appear reflective however, and are just monotone white and black.

P.S. Looks like the vapor home shirts are now available as well (i.e. the same shirts that the players actually play in)

P.P.S. Looks like some of the “collegiate” fashion line got restocked, too! Sweet!

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