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WATCH: Chelsea 2-1 AFC Wimbledon extended highlights

Video killed the radio star

Chelsea’s match against AFC Wimbledon in the second round of the League Cup (Carabao Cup) last night (Wednesday) was a true rarity in modern football, as it was not available to watch anywhere else in the world other than in the stadium. Nearly 40,000 got to do that, the rest of us were stuck with audio-only commentary.

That’s a rather poor experience these days — long gone are the days of radio commentary excellence — but thankfully there is a recording that exists of this match (by one lonely old camera quaintly perched under the tall roof), and we now have a highlights package from it as well. The one at the top is from the official EFL channel, the one below is from Chelsea. They’re about 80-90 per cent the same, with Chelsea’s showing one extra chance for Nico Jackson, and the EFL one showing a few more of Wimbledon’s chances. So if you watch them both, you get all the video that’s publicly available from this game.

(CORRECTION: You can now watch the whole match on the 5th Stand App or the official website, if you’d like.)

So yeah, the foul by Sánchez is almost never called and Enzo should’ve had a hat-trick. Disasi made some crucial blocks; Maatsen showed up more in the second half. Things you also love to see: Jackson almost always the first to congratulate (even when he’s just warming up on the sidelines) or commiserate on a missed opportunity. Love him already!

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