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The Daily Hilario: Be better to each other

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans

Policemen pushing back mob at Downing Street

Before we begin:

So I was out this weekend, you may have noticed. Needed a break. Went on a four-day road trip, counter-clockwise around Northern California, with some friends. It was a great time, as usual. Tried like 30 new beers. Put 885 trouble-free miles on the M5. We all watched the game Sunday (morning, our time). They commisserated as I lamented the unfortunate outcome. And then we moved on.

Having seen the reaction in general to the game since, I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am quite saddened. And just tired and bored of that all, to be honest.

I know I can’t change that, but I would like to see better behavior within the comments on this here blog. So I implore each and every one of you, to do better. Towards each other. Towards yourselves. Be kinder. Be more constructive. Walk away. You don’t have to engage.

Also, most importantly, please use the “flag”/report function built into the commenting platform, to call out abusive or relentlessly negative comments, and any others not meeting our community guidelines. Not every flagged comment will get removed or result in action against a user account, but it does bring it to my (and the moderators’) attentions. I haven’t gone on a banning spree in some time, and I think we might be due. (And I will definitely ban anyone who abuses the flag system, or treats it some personal vendetta, mind.)

Help me make this place a better place to be. Help yourselves make this a better place to be for you. For me. For us.

Or not. If you want to turn it into just another useless online shouting platform, that’s fine, too.

(UPDATE: To illustrate, and I just looked, there were just SIX flagged comments in Sunday’s gamethread, and zero (ZERO) flagged comments in the post-match. It’s up to all y’all what sort of community you want to build here.)

When you decide to comment, do so as if you actually want to be part of an online community. Make an effort to make good comments. Look to contribute and engage and discuss, not to consume and attack and dismiss, and remember that commenting is a privilege, not a right. Make it fun not just for yourself, but for everyone else as well.




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