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Enzo Fernández sets Premier League title as ‘main aim’ for this season at Chelsea


Chelsea Travel to Atlanta Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Preseason is a time for positivity and preparation and planning ... and Premier League title goal-setting.

Wait, what?

That’s right, the title. Top of the league. Championes. Olé, olé, olé. You heard it right.

Enzo, my man.

“Now we have a new head coach, you have to say the expectations of us have changed.

“Obviously when I arrived, everything was difficult, there were lots of changes going on and everything happened so fast for me. But now the expectations have changed: we want to be an aggressive team, a team that attacks and defends well, that goes into every game to win it, whoever we’re playing against, and look to dominate every game we’re in.

“And obviously we want to try to win the Premier League — that’s our goal for this year. As well as that, I think the cups in England start in January, but the main aim this year is to win the Premier League.”

-Enzo Fernández; source: B/R Football

Love that ambition, that purpose from Enzo. Hopefully it’s shared and believed by the rest of the squad as well, even those who didn’t just win a World Cup a few months ago.

It may be a bit too bold ... but then again, the last time we won the league was on the back of a 10th place finish the year prior. The makeup of that team under Antonio Conte in 2016-17 was very different, full of veterans and winners, but the challenge(s) remain quite similar. Unseating Manchester City will not be easy for anyone, but perhaps we can build another blazing inferno from a small flame.

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