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Christopher Nkunku can’t wait to get started at Chelsea

First interview

Christopher Nkunku Signs for Chelsea Photo by Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Amid all the outgoing transfer business, Chelsea did confirm and complete the signing of Christopher Nkunku this week, with the 25-year-old striker joining us to (hopefully) revitalize our dormant attack.

Nkunku stopped by Cobham as well to check out his new surroundings, get his big photoshoot done, and also conduct the first interview with Chelsea TV.

We’re still a few weeks away from preseason, but it sounds like “Christo” wouldn’t have minded staying there and just getting to work straight away. File that under things you love to see.

“My favourite position is striker. I have also played as a midfielder and these last years I have played striker and I like to play this position. But I want to be happy on the pitch. I like to do some skills and protect the ball.

“I like to be there before training and to stay after, also. I spend a lot of time on the training ground. I can start at 9 and come back home at 3 o’clock [so] it’s important to me to have a good pitch.”

“[...] I’m a very simple guy, I like to do simple things. To share time with my family, my friends and to watch some series and movies. Normal things, yeah.”

-Christopher Nkunku; source: Chelsea TV

Christopher Nkunku Signs for Chelsea Photo by Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Speaking of normal things, we’re hoping that Nkunku can help bring Chelsea back to normalcy after the worst Premier League season in club history. That will require goals, sure, but also the right mentality, approach, attitude day in and day out. It sounds like Christo can provide all of those things, and more.

“On the pitch I’m a bit quiet, but I can speak, I can shout also. But I’m very focused on the football and about winning, to do everything right, so I can say I speak with my feet. But it’s important obviously to speak to the boys on the pitch.”

“I hate to lose but I have both sides. You need to hate to lose also to win. So I think these are two opposite things, but you need to take these two things together to have success.”

“I think the project was good for me [...] to develop myself as a player and a man also. [And] I want to improve in football and I want to win trophies and improve myself also. [...] I want to improve, to progress every day, so wherever they tell to me to play, I play, and I wanted to improve in every position.

“So that’s the way I go about everything [...] I know my qualities, I know what I am capable to do.”

Nkunku brought up Didier Drogba and Eden Hazard as the two players he equates with Chelsea. If, say, in ten years he can be regarded in a similar way, we will have had some joy indeed.

“I am a hard worker. I will give everything for the club, for the fans and to help the team bring some trophies. To give the best of my football. I hope I will make them as happy as I am to be here at this club.”

-Christopher Nkunku; source: Chelsea FC

So say we all.

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