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Boehly: ‘We very much believe that we’re going to figure it out’

We can only hope!


When they took over last year, among the promises made by the new Chelsea ownership was better, more direct, and more open communication with the fans. That hasn’t exactly happened — club-sourced briefings with trusted media outlets still de rigueur — though the new ownership, especially chairman Todd Boehly, are far more talkative in business conference circles than Roman Abramovich ever was, so we do get some insight into their thinking.

The latest comes from Boehly’s appearance at the annual Milken conference, where he reiterated our long-term thinking, ambitions, and belief that despite all the missteps of these first 12 months, we can eventually get it right.

“We very much believe that we’re going to figure it out. We’ve got the best league in the world, we’ve got what I think is the top city in the world and we’ve got an unbelievable location in the top city in the world.

“[But] you have to build a team and obviously the coach is the conductor of the team. So I think there is a lot we have learned.”

Hopefully that is indeed the case and not just a bunch of words that sound good and seem smart but carry no real meaning.

The proof of course will be in the pudding. Surely, the only way is up after this most horrendous of first seasons, but if there is one thing we (should) have learned very painfully is that there are no such guarantees in football, regardless of how much money you spend.

“The fans are demanding. You know they want to win and we get that we want to win so you know I think our view though was that this is a long-term project and you know we’re committed to the long-term.”

“Winning is just the best feeling there is.”

-Todd Boehly; source: Mail

So say we all.

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