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Bruno Saltor looking to continue the Potter process, while also looking to win and dominate


Chelsea Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

It’s been barely 24 hours since Graham Potter got sacked, and barely 24 hours before our next match, so it’s certainly a weird situation for all involved, especially as most of the staff who remain came over with Potter from Brighton and are essentially holding down the fort while we find someone new to take over “the project”.

Bruno Saltor is officially the Interim Head Coach, his first ever assignment of this magnitude, and as such, he won’t be making wholesale changes — not that we should expect otherwise.

“If I am here right now, it’s because Graham and the club they thought it was the right step and I’m here just trying to help the club and trying to be the most professional I can [...] trying to keep the process going and we just try to go along the best we can and I think Graham did an amazing job. Football is a really complex business and we have to keep going.

“It has been really difficult, really difficult at every single level, especially emotional. Obviously you have to deal with the press conference, have to deal with the players and it is hard. The relationship with Graham and Billy, it is difficult to deal with that and how it affects the families. As I said a really difficult 12 hours (24).”

Emotional I get, but amazing job!? Chortle.

This might raise the question as to why even sack Potter, but if we are to (micro-)analyze generally banal press conferences, which is what we do with every such post, Bruno — whose initials (BS) are amusing for public speaking — did say a few things that give hope that he won’t be just a Potter-proxy, be that in intentions, mannerisms, or expectations.

“I have to be the most professional I can. Try to help the players, guide the players to prepare the game the best we can [...] seeing it as an opportunity for the players.

“We are representing Chelsea. A club with an amazing history, it is about winning, it is about dominating and what we need to do is prepare for the game. Preparation helps a lot for performance and that is what the players need to focus on.”

“There were a few mistakes [against Villa], but overall I think it was a good performance. We had a lot of chances and are going to try to keep as close as we can.”

-Graham Potter Bruno Saltor; source: Football.London

The history of the Chelsea!

Well, onwards and upwards then.

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