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Lampard looking for freshness, energy, and players who want to step up

Pre-match thoughts from the Caretaker

Chelsea Training Session Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Two games, two defeats, zero goals. It took Lampard four games to win his first match last time as Chelsea boss; can he do it in match number three this time?

Circumstances are obviously quite different from the start of the 2019-20 season. In fact, these are quite unique circumstances for Chelsea in the 21st century. So part of Lampard’s short-term remit is not only to maybe win a game or two, but also to try re-instill at least the foundations of a winning culture. (Where’s that consultant again?)

Winning is a habit, but so is losing. And bad habits are easy to acquire and hard to get rid of. You have to want to change; it doesn’t just magically happen.

Lampard’s looking for a few good men who, like he himself during his playing career, want that change, who want to work, who want to represent. There once was an idea of Chelsea Football Club. You didn’t ever have to whisper it. In fact, you had to shout it. Who wants to step up? (I may or may not be working on a script for Gladiator 2: Bridge of Sighs.)

“It’s important that the lads are focused in this period and it’s important that as a Chelsea Football Club player, you understand the expectations and strive for them. [...] It won’t be an overnight process, [it’s] a process to become a winning team and a winning team by nature.”

“In the period I’m here, firstly I want to win football matches because we are Chelsea and that is what is expected from us from myself and fans. Secondly, I want to be part of the process in this period where players have an opportunity if they train. If they deserve to play, then they get an opportunity on the pitch and they can show what they can do.

“Tomorrow will be an opportunity for some players who didn’t play in the Champions League, possibly didn’t play at the weekend, to come in because it’s a game where we absolutely need freshness and energy as well. So every opportunity, they should take.”

-Frank Lampard; source: Football.London

With such a large squad — only Kalidou Koulibaly (hamstring; weeks) and Armando Broja (ACL rehab) are out — there should be no shortage of players wanting to play, wanting an opportunity, wanting to show what they can do. Not all will be here next season; they can’t all be here next season — regardless of contracts, status, age, or whatever.

So let’s see some fight please.

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